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Sony Corporation, or commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in knan Minato, Tokyo (Japan), and one of the world"s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics: audio and video, computers, photography, video games, mobile and professional products.

in 1955, the company decided to start using the SONY brand in Totsuko products and, three years later, changing the name of the company by the Sony Corporation.

the name Sony is the result of a combination of several concepts: one is the Latin word sonus, which is the etymological basis of sound. Another is sonny boy, a popular expression that was used in Japan in those years to describe a person in a free and pioneering spirit. The new name evoked perfectly the spirit of the company: that of a young full of energy and passion for unlimited creation. It is also related to the word sunny.

Sony produces its own line of digital cameras since 1996 under the Cyber​​-shot brand. Their first model was the DSC-F1, a compact 9 megapixels of 0.31.

In 2006 Sony expanded its product range with the launch of its first digital SLR camera, the Konica Minolta DSLR 100, 9 and the first Mobile Sony Ericsson Cyber​​-Shot logo, series K.

In order to develop its new online Sony, Sony acquired the manufacturing division of Konica Minolta cameras.

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