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Artemide lighting means design in the truest sense. This company was founded in 1960 and now it has become a benchmark in the industry and a synonymous with Italian lamp design and innovation. The Artemide Group is one of the world leaders in the field of residential and professional high-end lighting. The company is headquartered in Pregnana Milanese and enjoys a wide distribution of international presence, notably in the single-brand showroom in major cities worldwide. Artemide also holds an exclusive space in the most prestigious lighting and decoration stores.

But why it has succeeded? Apart from the above, Artemide is based on a matrix guide. The Human Light philosophy is a way to imagine and design light, a revolutionary intuition that has transformed the way we think about lighting systems for man and welfare. Artemides’ products are not only objects of refined design and perfect technical performance, they are much more: they are objects that were born from the man’s experience in order to meet their needs.

Since the early 90s, with the launch of the Human Light philosophy promoted by Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Artemide has revolutionized the way they conceive and develop their own products. The initial idea was to meet the needs of people in terms of light, so Artemide asked to themselves how they could answer to those needs in different environments and times of life.

With The Human Light, Artemides not only tries to illuminate a space but they also take into account the different needs of the people and the activities that are going to be held in that space. The goal is simple and, at the same time, extremely complex, since it means converting light into an element capable of improving the quality of life. The Human Light is a new way of perceiving light as a companion in peoples’ daily activities. Artemide does so in tune with the mood and contributes to their welfare.

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