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Vibia is a signature of designer lamps founded in 1987 in Barcelona, Spain. Vibia designs innovative, different lamps made with high quality material. They focus on finishes and handmade details.

Vibia lamps with a modern and elegant design combine perfectly with the current indoor design trends.

Vibia lamps catalog is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the interior design. Vibia collaborates with different design teams, generating many new and exciting projects.

ILamparas always bet on designs that convey new experiences and in that is Vibia’s philosophy. A good environment enables the creation of a room emotionally connected with the user. Only direct and personal contact between creator and customer can transfer the emotion of the person into space, where light plays a predominant role.

Vibia offers more than lamps. With over 70 models available, Vibia also invites us to create our own world attending to our preferences and needs with advice from a team of experts in linking light with emotion. More than 20 international designers are gathered in this company based in Barcelona, offering the possibility of combining the elements of each model for the light to merge with the space and create unique locations.

Vibia analyzes the needs of every request to generate the feelings that the customer wants. The process includes product design, but also the analysis of space and the desired relationship between users and that space.

Each new project has a high level of creativity in all its strata, from the designer to the prescriber that shapes the spaces. Collaboration between different professionals for a project of organic and fluid result is also considered essential. In addition, the constant challenge of innovation presents the imperative to accommodate the high quality with negotiable emergence of environmentally friendly technology.

Vibia has managed to establish a hub at the confluence of designers and manufacturers, lamps distributors and architects, design spaces and lighting stores. Therefore, Vibia has set a strong team of collaborators. With this dedication and effort, they have achieved a presence in 60 countries and have a subsidiary company in the United States.

The lamp becomes an integral part of space. It is not just a lamp; it is the right item for light up the room in a unique way. That is the philosophy of Vibia: modeling the space through light to fuse look, feel and sensation. As they say: it is only to do that the unthinkable works, light is creation». For this reason, in iLámparas as in Vibia, we deliver innovation, design and exclusivity.

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