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Maytoni is a German company specialized in lighting design. Since 2009, Maytoni have been creating design-made lamps that are distributed throughout Europe and internationally.

Maytoni is marked by the high quality of the materials, which its sophisticated designs are made of. Its catalogue is made up by all these designs. It offers a large number of lighting options, from the traditional crystal ceiling lamps to the most fashionable ones in order to satisfy all the needs.

A very precise production technique is employed and the machine-polished crystals are really well-cared. This provides a way of creating lamps with a quality touch in the finishes, where the finest details are shown. The products meet international standard in lighting manufacture and high quality components are used, including the electric cables.

Their work is done in a team that offers a set and an ideal environment to provide an efficient and quality work. The design-made lamps by Maytoni are a reflect of the international trends and lighting needs. The design-made lamps line have the best value. Ceiling lamps by Maytoni use European plasma ion spray technology that has stood the test of time. It adds an aesthetically beautiful gold and silver coating. French gold is prevalent in the coating shade.

The design-made lamps by Maytoni are available in our online store of design lamps at really affordable prices.

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